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Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows are light-weight, sleek, and highly dust & corrosion-resistant products. These windows are also sustainable and environmental friendly. Since sliding windows open with no exterior or interior space, they are a perfect fit in places where you don’t need a window to occupy space – making them just the ideal and stylish product to match your room decor. Based on your requirements, you can design either horizontal or vertical sliding windows. These windows are suitable for your home or offices, where you need easy-opening windows. They are faster to open compared to casement windows.

Features & Benefits

Interlocking systems
Monsoon proof & termite resistant
Long-lasting and highly secure
Environmental friendly & durable
Reduce noise and dust ingress

Recommended For

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Study Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • AC Rooms

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Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows is a perfect mix of durability and style being suitable for your home or offices. It prevents dust, pollution, and noise. They are ideal for places where outward opening windows is a safety issue. Easy to clean, open, or shut and require low maintenance. They offer excellent durability and available in bespoke designs. They are designed and engineered for functional strength, stability, slim sight lines for aesthetics look, and you can enjoy an unobstructed view. They can help you to control and maintain uniform room temperature.

Why Choose Infiniti Aluminium Sliding Windows?

Aluminium Sliding Windows offered by Infiniti provide great amount of ventilation and the best views from your room. Our aluminium sliding windows are premium quality and designed with innovative techniques. They are designed to incorporate all the distinctive features of traditional wooden windows along with modern features such as durability, aesthetic & spacious looks, excellent ventilation, and, most importantly, economical price. We have glass units that provide high energy efficiency available in great styles and appearance and could be tailored to your home or office needs. They are designed with the latest thermal technology for excellent energy efficiency, high-quality hardware material, and high-security locking standards.

You can browse through our attractive range of Aluminium Sliding windows and Get your quote for the price now!

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