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Insulation against Noise, Dust, Rain, Pollution & Rising Energy Costs

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Glazing And Fabrications

Glazing is like an addition of a slim second window to your existing window. It is a discreet and unobtrusive way for thermal and soundproof insulation. It is a popular solution to enhance your living experience with the help of supreme glazed or fabricated windows and doors. Our In-house glazing and fabrication produce a wide variety of windows and doors that will suit your lifestyle. Magnificent looks that will suit your lifestyle!

Features & Benefits

Durable & Long Lasting
Corrosive and Water Resistant
Subtle & Beautiful Designs
Gives Thermal Comfort
Reduces Outside Noise
Provides Enhance Security

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Benefits and Features of Infiniti Glazing & Fabrication

  • It’s a great solution instead of replacing or buying new windows. The slim frame is unobtrusive and proves invisibility for the outer side.
  • It can blend seamlessly into your home, and you can retain the original style of your external property.
  • The thermally toughened glass material has the potential to trap air between itself and the window that provides extra insulation. It keeps your home warmer and energy bills under control.
  • It helps to enhance the security of your home and acts as an ideal solution against unwanted noise around your surroundings.
  • Our superior glazing and fabrication materials will add an element of safety against earthquakes and harsh weather conditions.

Why Choose Infiniti Glazing And Fabrications?

Infiniti specializes in the design and fabrication of architectural glazing systems for both UPVC and Aluminium windows and other building materials. Each product is expertly fabricated by highly skilled workers and prepared to give a bespoke finish. Once the frames have been cut and prepped, the windows are given a customized finish.

We strive hard to maintain craftsmanship quality and dedication to our customers. Our experienced team, in-house fabrication plant, logistic process, and equipment help us stand out different from our competitors. We want to give a delightful experience to our clients’ right from selection to execution and after-sale support. Our top priority is to provide our customers with superior service with cutting edge technologies and have top-of-the-line equipment in our factories located at Mahad and Vasai, Maharashtra.

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