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uPVC Slide and Fold Windows

Sliding Windows consists of two or more horizontal sashes at the bottom for swift horizontal movement. They are easy to operate, and ideal choice for various apartments that offer panoramic views and ample amount of ventilation. Slide & Fold windows have been around for many years and the windows with contemporary style has always been a popular choice in various houses. However, with the inception of uPVC material in manufacturing process, it brings durability, sound insulation, thermal efficiency and varied other benefits to the sliding windows and its functioning. The modern-age uPVC sliding windows are slowly taken over the traditional style and becoming the preferred choice for modern households.

Features & Benefits

Easy to maintain with simple wipe to look clean and new for years
Modern & stylish designs to upgrade your windows
Smooth, reliable and long-lasting
Available in various style and at economical prices
Secure Locking systems that makes you feel safe at home

Recommended For

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Study Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • AC Rooms

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Some Benefits of uPVC Slide & fold Windows

uPVC Sliding Windows have various benefits over the traditional material windows. These windows have corrosion resistant and they don’t rot so easily. They provide great thermal comfort as they don’t transfer heat and it helps to maintain room temperature. The sound insulation feature ensure a happy and calm environment that you need in homes or offices. Most importantly there are durable and long-lasting in nature. These innovative and sleek design windows will help to circulate good amount of air in the room and definitely add to your room style.

Why Choose Infiniti uPVC Slide & fold Windows?

The sliding windows introduced by Infiniti have impressive designs that will never fade out with time. Our sliding Windows are tailor-made with custom height and width, based on your house or commercial space requirements. Our well-versed craftsmen will design stylish yet durable sliding windows that will suit your home or office and offer robust security. We take utmost care of the material standards and they are easy to clean as well. Our windows are fitted with right measures for smooth sliding and prevent dust accumulation for better functioning. Infiniti sliding windows are ideal choice for homes or office premises at the most economical price in the markets.

You can browse through our attractive range of uPVC slide & fold windows, take a quote for price now! We advise, get a consultation with us and you will come to know how Infiniti is best compared to the rest, before you invest in UPVC Windows.

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