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Infiniti is a team of professionals with deep understanding of the product, product-fit and the industry; and helps you make the most effective choice rather than the most expensive one. Headquartered in Mumbai, Infiniti is the partner of choice for all types of Windows and Doors for your home. Infiniti has its own installation team to ensure good product fit and working.

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Advantages of UPVC

One of the main asset of Infiniti window and door systems is their resistance to driving rain.

Mumbai witnesses a prolonged exposure to incessant rains, which in conventional windows may trickle inside of your homes a cause damage to the paint and your interiors.

Step-Cills have to some extent contained this problem but Infiniti through its snug-fit gaskets, wool pile at adequate spaces ,ensures tightness of the fitment and provides an effective solution against rains. An extra track with a dam section can further be provided to help you enjoy the monsoons without worrying about spoilt interiors.


Infiniti uPVC profiles maintain excellent inherent material properties. The windows and doors are attractive, perfectly tight and work well even after many years in use.

The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proven. The windows are built to out-last the buildings in which they are put.

A Tropical formulation coupled with modern hardwares ensures you years of blissfulness.


From the regular white finishes to a wide range of colour laminated finishes coupled with the wood grain (foiled) finishes, improve the choice set for you. The profiles are straight lines with a subdued finish that enhance the beauty of the aperture in which they are put.

The not-too-slim profiles add further meat in the looks department. Factory made windows are a vast improvement over the sultry crudeness of the on-site fabricated conventional windows.

Ease of Operation

Efficient installation and top-of-the line hardware give you the smoothest possible opening – closing experience. The hardware are tested to perform for years.

Better Acoustic

The protection against noise is an essential characteristic of a modern window, in order to ensure a comfortable life both at home and in office. Infiniti uPVC windows and doors can be insulated up to 40 db.

Minimal Maintenance

Infiniti uPVC window and door systems do not require regular painting and expensive maintenance. They do not rot, warp nor corrode in tropical and coastal climate. The maintenance is minimal and does not involve any further costs, clean with regular soap water as and when you may want to.

Reduce Noise

Cities are expanding and the added population growth is manifest in increased vehicular traffic in most areas, the hustle and bustle of people, the honking of vehicles, infrastructure creation, all of these contribute to the noises around us, and leave us generally irritated. If you wish you had a solution which had the potential to minimize the daily humdrum of the so many mundane city noises, then you may want to choose Infiniti.

Our windows with their weather seats when used with a Double Glass bring considerable silence in your living spaces. Infiniti brings better acoustic performing windows to your homes, a promise of a more liveable home.

Energy Saving

Infiniti energy efficient window are designed so that heat is kept outside the home in summer. This reduces cooling costs, minimizes energy consumption, and impacts the environment positively.

Thermal Insulation

Infiniti windows are designed for better thermal performance. The multi chambered construction, the double weather seals, multi-point locking arrangement and a good combination of glass, makes the windows completely sealed and thereby prevents outside heat to enter your house.


“Installing the windows have reduced the sound in my house and we can now live peacefully. The team completed as promised”

– Mr. Pradeep Verma

“After long search found an excellent window supplier with commitment. Great job by the team.”

– Mr. Ashok Parekh

“Needless to say, the team at Infiniti took great pains to customize the specifications to suit my needs; they gave me a product I am delighted with, both in terms of form and function! Well done Infiniti.”

– Ms. Uma

“There is no doubt that that they offer the best quality windows at a very reasonable price compared to other brands. Thank you and all the best!”

– Mr. Bhupinder Bajaj